Jobs & Positions

M.Sc & Ph.D student opportunities:
  • We are very welcome you with geodesy, remote sensing, navigation, geophysics, geology, seismology, atmosphere, oceanography, hydrology, mathematics or space/planetary science background to pursue M.Sc & PhD at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, please contact Prof. Shuanggen Jin.

Visiting Scientist/Professorship:

  • If you would be interested to visit the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS for an extended period or sabbatical leave, please contact Prof. Shuanggen Jin. Also we can apply for funding to support you.

Post-Doc & Faculty positions:

  • If you have a Ph. D with a strong CV, and would like to work as Post-Doc or A/Professor at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS, please contact Prof. Shuanggen Jin.
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