Space/Planetary Exploration & Sciences (SPES)
Satellite Navigation and Remote Sensing Group (SNARS)

Members in 2017 (left to right): Xuerui Wu, Jiandong Liu, Bahruz Ahadov, Munawar Shah, Shuanggen Jin, Mostafa Abd-Elbaky, Du Li, Xin Liu, Junhai Li, Wenxin Zhang, Xiaodong Qian, Fang Zou, Qinyun Zhang, Xiaojun Tian, Andres Calabia.
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    Space/Planetary Exploration & Sciences (SPES) at SHAO led by Prof. Shuanggen Jin, aims to research and develop in space/planetary exploration techniques and methods, Earth/Planetary space environment, atmosphere, ionosphere, topography, surface processes, interior structure and dynamics as well as their interactions from, to and between satellites and/or Earth/Planetary surface using GNSS, InSAR, Space Geodesy, Millimeter Radiometry, (Near-) Infrared Sensors, LiDAR, Gravimeter, Accelerometer, Altimeter and Magnetometer, mainly including:

  • Satellite Navigation and Space Geodesy
    (Satellite Navigation, Space Geodesy, GNSS-Reflectometry & GNSS Atmosphere)
  • Remote Sensing and Climate Change
    (Remote Sensing, Satellite Gravimetry, Ocean/Hydrologic Cycle and Cryosphere)
  • Space/Planetary Exploration & Sciences
    (Space/Planetary Exploration, Atmo-/Ionosphere, Surface Process & Geodynamics)


  • Shuanggen Jin elected as member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences!

Honors & Awards (2010-present)

Selected Publications (2010-present)

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