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 Net_Diff: A Software for GNSS Download, Positioning and Analysis

Net_Diff  supports both desktop and online versions(the online version currently supports PPP/RTK, and more functions are being opened), part of the code of the software is open source on GitHub.


Net_Diff is a software for GNSS Download, Positioning and Analysis. The features of Net_Diff are:

(1) It enables users to perform SPP/PPP/PPP-AR/DSPP/DPPP/RTK/PPP-RTK. All the signals of the current GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo/QZSS/IRNSS are supported from single-frequency to triple-frequency. It can also be applied in SPP/PPP with BeiDou augmentation information (authorized user).

(2) It supports data analysis, including coordinate plotting, coordinate comparison, satellite number, PDOP, satellite skyview, satellite visibility, cycleslip, troposphere, ionosphere, observation minus correction, positioning residuals plotting and KML file writing.

(3) It provides GNSS observation data and products download from many public FTP servers.

(4) It also provides some useful tools such as time and coordinate system transferring, RTCM data receiving through Ntrip and TCP/IP, raw data converting, RINEX editing, ssr dumping, CLALIB and so on.

(5) It provides a simple satellite orbit simulation.

(6) Moreover, it supports multi-station PPP, clock estimation, DCB estimation based on GNSS net (authorized user).


Net_Diff  ver.1.16 Manual (PDF, 2.6MB) (in English)

Introduction of Net_Diff (PDF, 15.6MB) (in Chinese)

Instructions for installation (PDF, 0.5MB) (in Chinese)


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Yize ZHANG(zhyize@163.com)

Junping CHEN (junping@shao.ac.cn)

GNSS Analysis Center
Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Nandan Road 80, 200030 Shanghai, P.R. China


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