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The joint  laboratory for optical astronomy, Sheshan branch

Our 1.56m optical telescope is located at the Sheshan Station, about 38 km from Shanghai (E 12111' 03", N 3105' 46".1). It began science observations in 1991. The station offers about 130 clear nights annually for observation, with a seeing of typically 1".3 to 2".0.

The reflector has a diameter of 1.56m and the focal length is 15.6m. The field of view of the telescope is 10'50"10'50". The filters are standard Johnson and Cousins BVRI, with a magnitude limit of 17mag for V band and 18mag for I band. A liquid nitrogen-cooled 2048*2048 back-illuminated CCD camera is used, imported from the USA in April 2002.

CCD parameters

CCD Type


Pixel format


Pixel size


Charge transfer efficiency


Full well charge

330,000 e-

Readout noise


Quantum efficiency of the 2 CCD cameras

We started our optical monitoring of bright blazers and Seyfert 1 galaxies in 1994. More than 20,000 CCD frames of these targets have been obtained and the data is now being processing. The long-term light curves of a number of objects have been published, such as OJ 287, S5 0716+714 and PKS 0735+178.

Other related research fields are: blazar variability, international AGN watches, study of the kinematics and mechanics of clusters, variable stars in globular clusters, the short term variability of QSOs, the astrometric study of natural satellites, determination of the optical counterparts of radio sources, and cataclysmic variables, amongst others.

Leading by TAO Jun

Group members

Last modified: May 20, 2004