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Dr. Weipeng Lin Research Center for Galaxy and Cosmology, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

80 Nandan Road
Shanghai 200030
P.R. China

Tel: +86 21 34775302
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Research Interests

My recent research interests are mainly in the fields of

  • Observational cosmology
  • Galaxy formation
  • Gravitational lensing
  • Cosmological numerical simulations
  • QSO absorption line systems

In the field of simulations, I finished a set of cosmological N-Body/SPH simulations using Gadget-2 at Shanghai Supercomputer Center and have published over 15 SCI papers using the data, particularly focusing on the influence of baryon on the clustering and properties of dark matter halos, as well as the dynamical merging scale of galaxies. As we pointed out, in the epoch of presice cosmology (at an uncertainty level of several percentages), the baryon physics IS very important and should be considered and corrected carefully. I am also a core member of the Chinese Computational Cosmology Consortium (C4) and ELUCID project (Exploring the Local Universe with re-Constructed Initial Density field from SDSS).

In the field of observations, I take part in several large surveys, including SDSS-IV (Sloan Digital Sky Survey-IV, full member), Go-IRS (the GTC Optical Intermediate Resolution Spectrograph, science team member & survey scientist) and MS-DESI(BigBOSS) (The DOE-NSF Stage IV ground-based dark energy experiment to survey baryon acoustic oscillations). I am also intersting in the construction and science studies of TMT (the Thirty Meter Telescope).

I also keep an eye on high energy astrophysics and other fields even though I haven't made contributions yet. But I hope to get involved in near future.

Recent Papers (including papers submitted)
  • The source-lens clustering effect in the context of lensing tomography and its self-calibration , Yu, Yu; Zhang, Pengjie; Lin, Weipeng; Cui, Weiguang, 2015, ApJ, in press (arXiv:1402.7144)

  • Cusp summations and cusp relations of simple quad lenses , Chu, Zhe; Li, G. L.; Lin, W. P., 2015, MNRAS, 449, 2079

  • Solving the Puzzle of Subhalo Spins, Yang Ocean Wang, Weipeng Lin, Frazer Pearce, Hanni Lux, Stuart I. Muldrew, & Julian Onions, 2015, ApJ, 801, 93

  • Galaxy alignment on large and small scales, Kang X.; Lin, W.P.; Cui, Wang Y.O. et al., 2014, IAUS 308, submitted (arXiv:1410.4270)

  • ELUCID---Exploring the Local Universe with the Reconstructed Initial Density Field. I. Hamiltonian Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method with Particle Mesh Dynamics, Wang, H.Y., Mo, H.J., Yang X.H., Jing Y.P., & Lin, Weipeng, 2014, ApJ, 794, 94

  • Quenching Depends on Morphologies: Implications from the Ultraviolet-Optical Radial Color Distributions in Green Valley Galaxies, Pan, Zhizheng; Li, Jinrong; Lin, Weipeng; Wang, Jing; Kong, Xu, 2014, ApJL, 792, 4

  • The Distribution of Satellites around Central Galaxies in a Cosmological Hydrodynamical Simulation, Dong, X. C.; Lin, W. P.; Kang, X.; Ocean Wang, Yang; Dutton, Aaron A.; Maccio, Andrea V., 2014, ApJL, 791, 33

  • Satellite Alignment: I. Distribution of Substructures and their Dependence on Assembly History from N-Body Simulations , Yang Ocean Wang, W.P.Lin, X. Kang, A. Dutton, Yu Yu & A.V. Maccio, 2014, ApJ, 786, 8

  • Peculiar Velocity Decomposition, Redshift Space Distortion and Velocity Reconstruction in Redshift Surveys II. Dark Matter Velocity Statistics , Zheng, Yi; Zhang, Pengjie; Jing, Yipeng; Lin, Weipeng; Pan, Jun, 2013, PRD, 88, 3510 (arXiv:1308.0886)

  • Analytical Solutions of Singular Isothermal Quadrupole Lens, Chu, Zhe; Lin, W. P.; Yang, Xiaofeng, 2013, ApJ Letter, 770, L34

  • Multipole Gravitational Lensing and High-order Perturbations on the Quadrupole Lens, Chu, Z.; Lin, W. P.; Li, G. L.; Kang, X., 2013, ApJ, 765, 134

  • Bulk Flow of Halos in LCDM Simulation, Li, Ming; Pan, Jun; Gao, Liang; Jing, Yipeng; Yang, Xiaohu; Chi, Xuebin; Feng, Longlong; Kang, Xi; Lin, Weipeng; et al., 2012, ApJ, 761, 151

  • Gaussianizing the non-Gaussian lensing convergence field II. The applicability to noisy data, Yu, Yu; Zhang, Pengjie; Lin, Weipeng; Cui, Weiguang; Fry, James N., 2012, PhRvD, 86b3515

  • Exploring galaxy formation models and cosmologies with galaxy clustering, Kang, X.; Li, M.; Lin, W. P.; Elahi, P. J., 2012, MNRAS, 422, 804

  • Gaussianizing the non-Gaussian lensing convergence field: The performance of the Gaussianization, Yu, Yu; Zhang, Pengjie; Lin, Weipeng; Cui, Weiguang; Fry, James N., 2011, PhRvD, 84b3523

  • The BigBOSS Experiment, Schlegel, D.; Abdalla, F.; Abraham, T.; Ahn, C.; Allende Prieto, C.; Annis, J.; Aubourg, E.; Azzaro, M.; Baltay, S. Bailey. C.; Baugh, C.; and 131 coauthors, 2011, arXiv:1106.1706

  • Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich tomography with spectroscopic redshift surveys, Shao, Jiawei; Zhang, Pengjie; Lin, Weipeng; Jing, Yipeng; Pan, Jun, 2011, MNRAS, 413, 628

  • The Thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Tomography, Shao, Jiawei; Zhang, Pengjie; Lin, Weipeng; Jing, Yipeng, 2011, ApJ, 730, 127


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