Fu-Guo Xie

Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China



WELCOME! to my homepage at Shanghai Astronomical Observatory ( SHAO ) in Shanghai, P.R. China. My name is Fu-Guo Xie (谢富国), or Richinax if you like.

I am, from 2009, a member of the Cosmology and Galaxy Center, and more specifically associated to the group of Black Hole Accretion and High-Energy Astrophysics, which is lead by Prof. Feng Yuan. During the year from 2009 to 2011, I was also an institute postdoc in the Kavli institute for Astronomoy and Astrophysics, Peking University ( KIAA-PKU).

My research mainly focuses on the accretion process and its application. Specific topics of current interestes include:
- high-energy radiation from hot accretion flows
- multiband (e.g. Radio to X-ray) correlations of X-ray binaries (XRBs)
- episodic ejection of plasmoid during the state transition of XRBs


Recent Publications
Jet-dominated quiescent states in black hole X-ray binaries: the case of V404 Cyg, F. G. Xie, Q. X. Yang & R. Ma, MNRAS (submitted)

Relationship between the Kinetic Power and Bolometric Luminosity of Jets: Limitation from Black Hole X-Ray Binaries, Active Galactic Nuclei, and Gamma-Ray Bursts, R. Ma, F. G. Xie & S. Hou, ApJ, 780, L14 (2014)

Spectrum of a jet-emitting disc: application to the microquasar XTE J1118+480, J. Zhang & F. G. Xie, MNRAS, 435, 1165 (2013)

Gamma-ray emission from proton-proton interactions in hot accretion flows, A. Niedzwiecki, F. G. Xie & A. Stepnik, MNRAS, 432, 1576 (2013)

The Radiative Efficiency of Hot Accretion Flows, F. G. Xie & F. Yuan, MNRAS, 427, 1580 (2012)

Unbeamed γ-rays from low luminosity AGNs, A. Niedzwiecki, F. G. Xie & V. Backmann, JPhCS, 355, 2035 (2012)

General relativistic model of hot accretion flows with global Compton cooling, A. Niedzwiecki, F. G. Xie & A. A. Zdziarski, MNRAS, 420, 1195 (2012)

Global Compton Heating and Cooling in Hot Accretion Flows, F. Yuan, F. G. Xie & J. P. Ostriker, ApJ, 691, 98 (2009)

The Influences of Outflow on the Dynamics of Inflow, F. G. Xie & F. Yuan, ApJ, 681, 499 (2008)

Fu-Guo Xie

Fu-Guo Xie
Research Associate, SHAO
2009, Ph.D., SHAO supervisor Feng Yuan
(Thesis [in Chinese]: Theoretical Researches on Hot Accretion Flows )

Fu-Guo Xie, or Richinax
Room 1607, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,
80 Nandan Road, Shanghai, 200030, P. R. China
Tel: (86)21-34775332; Fax: (86)21-64384618
email: fgxie@shao.ac.cn

Last updated: Mar 27, 2014