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 May 15    Tuesday Morning 08:30-12:30


 Opening  Ceremony


 Session 1
 Space Geodynamics: Reviews,Project,Network and  Reference Frame


 Conveners: J. Y. Chen and A. Finkelstein (09:00-12:30)



 J. LaBrecque

   Living on a Restless Earth (01-01)  
   B. F. Chao  
   Global Geophysical Fluids Center of IERS: A Progress Report (01-02)  
   Xinglian Cheng  
   Introduction of Crustal Movement Observation Network of China  (01-03)  
   J. Manning  
   The PCGIAP Regional Geodesy Campaigns  (01-04)  
   M. R. Pearl man  
   The International Laser Ranging Service and Its Impact on the APSG  (01-05)  
   J. Manning  
   Status of Satellite Ranging in the Asia Pacific Region  (01-06)
   Fumin Yang  
   Current Status and Future Plans for the Chinese Satellite Laser Ranging Network (01-07)
   M. R. Pearlman (for J. Bosworth)  
   Decadal Plans for NASA's VLBI and SLR Programs  (01-08)
   Ch. Reigber  
   IGS and the APSG  (01-16)
   F. Takahashi, T. Kondo, and T. Yoshino  
   New IAI CRL and the Research Activities Relating VLBI (01-09)
   May 15   Tuesday Afternoon (14:00-18:00)  
   Session 1 (continued)  
   Conveners: J. LaBrecque and J. W. Ren (14:00-16:00)
   W. Schlueter  
   The IVS two years after its implementation  (01-10)
   C. Ma and Z. Altamimi  
   VLBI and the ITRF 2000 (01-11)
   A. Ipatov  
   Radio Astronomical Observatories Svetloe and Zelenchukskaya of the Quasar Project (01-02)
   W. Schlueter  
   TIGO and Its Contribution to Reference Frames  (01-13)
   S. Tatevian  
   On the Use of Fundamental Geodetic Network in Eastern Russia for the Regional Geodynamic  Studies (01-14)
   Pil-Ho Park and Uk Han  
   Korea GPS Networks  (01-15)
   Session 2
 Crustal Deformation in the Asia-Pacific Region
   Conveners: J. Manning and J. N. Liu (16:20-18:00)
   T. Yoshino, H. Kunimori, F. Katsuo, J. Amagai, H. Kiuchi,
 T. Otsubo,  T. Kondo, Y. Koyama, R. Ichikawa and F. Takahashi
   Crustal Deformation Around Tokyo Area Observed by the KEYSTONE  Network  in the Summer of 2000 (02-01)
   Y. Bock  
   Seismic Wave Observations with GPS and Other Real-Time Applications (02-02)
   Junyong Chen  
   On Crustal Movement in Mt. Everest Area (02-03)
   Wenyao Zhu, Xiaoya Wang, Yang Fu, Xinzhao You, Qi Wang, 
 Zongyi Cheng  and Jinwei Ren
   Global Plate Motion Model from ITRF 2000 and Contemporary Crustal Deformation in China (02-04)
   Yanxing Li, Xinkang Hu, Ping Shuai, Liangqian Guo, Zhongfu Zhang, 
 Cheng Huang,Wenyao Zhu  and Xiaogong Hu
   Current Crustal Strain Field in Chinese Mainland and the Surrounding Areas Obtained from GPS Observation (02-05)
   May 16 Wednesday Morning (08:30-12:30) Top
   Session 2 (continued);  
   Conveners: S. P. Chen and T. Yoshino (08:30-10:30)
   Liren Huang, Yang Fu, Wuxing Duan, Qing Ma and Xin Ma  
   Main Active Tectonic Boundaries and Motion Patterns Derived from GPS in China Mainland (02-06)
   Jinwei Ren  
   Deformation Kinematics and Dynamics of Tibetan Plateau (02-07)
   Jianguo Hu, Yingyan Cheng, Jixin Ding and Xiaotao Chang  
   The Establishment and the Precision Analysis on the Chinese High Precision  VerticalContinent-ocean Movement Monitoring Network (02-08)
   Ziqing Wei, Wenhai Jiao, Xin Ma, Zhongmiao Sun and Yingchun Li  
   The Origin Shift of 1985 National Height Datum (02-09)
   Xiaotao Chang  
   Study on Crustal Movement of Eastern China by Combining Various Modern SurveyingTechniques under Global Tectonic Background (02-10)
   G. W. Michel, Ch. Reigber and the CATS Team  
   Slip Rates Along Faults and Accumulated Seismic Moments From GPS and  Neotectonic Studies in  Central Asia (02-11)
   Session 2  (continued)  
   Conveners: W. Sehlueter and Y. X. Yang (10:50-12:30)
   Peng Fang  
   Updated Velocity Estimate from Reprocessing of Permanent GPS Sites in  and  around Southeast Asia from 1995 to 2001 (02-12)
   G. W. Michel, Ch. Reigber and the GEODYSSEA Team  
   Microplate Motion and Interplate Deformation in SE-Asia (02-13)
   Guangli Wang, Jinlin Li and Zhihan Qian  
   VLBI Experiments of the APSG Program and the Results (02-14)
   N. Titkov, V. E. Levin, V. F. Bakhtiarov, M. A. Maguskin and M. Kasahara  
   Research of Kamchatka and Komandor Islands Earth Crust Deformation by Permanent and Mobile GPS Stations (02-15)
   Jin-Dong Cho and Sang Yun Kang  
   A Study on the Crustal Deformation around the Cheju Island by Using Global Positioning System (02-16)
   May 16  Wednesday Afternoon (14:00-18:10) Top
  Session 2  (continued)  
   Conveners: C. Ma and S. Tatevian (14:00-15:30)
   Yuanxi Yang  
   Adaptively Robust Filtering for Kinematics Geodetic Positioning  (02-17)
   Chuanyin Zhang  
   Data Processing of Deformation Monitoring Networks from the Viewpoint of Deformation Reference Frame (02-18)
   Jun Shen and Yipeng Wang   
   The Dextral Shearing in Southeast Tibetan Plateau (02-19)
   X. L. Ding, D. W. Zheng, Y. Q. Chen, C. Huang and W. Chen  
   Seasonal and Interannual Signals in Permanent GPS Station Solutions (02-20)
   Wuxing Duan and Xianbing Wu  
   A Suitability Analysis of Scherneck Ocean Tide Coefficients for China GPS  Network (02-21)
   Jinlin Li  
   A Statistical Selection of Plate Fixed Stations based on VLBI Global Solution (02-22)
   Session 3 Sea Level Change and Ocean Top
   Conveners: C. K. Shum and X. L. Ding (15:50-18:10)
   C.K. Shum, X. L. Ding, C. Huang, W. Scherer, and P. Woodworth  
   Asia-Pacific Space Geodynamics (APSG) Program Sea Level Project: Status (03-01)
   C. Shum, P. Luk, Y. Yi, C. Zhao, A. Braun and P. Woodworth  
   Determination of 20th Century Global Sea Level Rise  (03-02
   Ch. Reigber, A. Braun and D. Wolf  
   SEAL: Sea Level Change - An Integrated Approach to Its Quantification  (03- 03)
   Jianli Chen  
   Global Sea Level Change from Satellite Altimetry and Model Estimation  (03-04)
   S. Mangiarotti, C. Cabanes, and A. Cazenave  
   Sea Level Change Observed by Satellite Altimetry at Global and Regional  Scales (03-05)
   J. Manning  
   The South Pacific Climate Monitoring Project Phase 111  (03-06)
   Cheinway Hwang  
   Interannual Variation of Sea Level of South China Sea and Its Relationship  with ENSO (03-07)
   May 17 Thursday Morning (08:30-12:30) Top
   Session 3 (continued)  
   Conveners: B. Chao and Uk Han (08:30-10:10)
   Kexiu Liu, Jirui Ma, Guijun Han, Zhenhua Fan and Chongjin Xu  
   Tidal Harmonic Analysis of TOPEX/POSEIDON Data in North-west Pacific by Introducing Difference-ratio Relations (03-08)
   I. Mudita  
   GPS Buoy for Indonesian Waters (03-09)
   Nanhua Yu, Dawei Zheng, Xiaoli Ding and Cheng Huang  
   Sea Level Change in Shanghai from Tide Gauge Records (03-10)
   X. L. Ding, D. W. Zheng, Y. Q. Chen, C. Huang and W. Chen  
   Sea Level Change in Hong Kong from Tide Gauge Records (03-11)
   Guijun Han  
   Parameters Estimation for Nonlinear Tidal Model of East China Sea by Using  Adjoint Approach (03-12)  
   Jinwen Zhang  
   MSL Rise and its Impacts on the Marine Environment along the Coasts of  China (03-13)
   Yanben Han, Zhian Li and Juan Zhao  
   Inter-annual Variation of the Earth Rotation and El Nino Event (03-14)
   Session 4 Atmosphere and GPS Meterology Top
   Conveners: C. Huang and P. Fang (10:30-12:30)
   Ch. Reigber, G. Gendt, C. Marquardt, G. Dick, and J. Wickert  
   GASP: GPS Atmosphere Sounding (04-01)
   Peng Fang  
   Overview on ground and space based GPS/Met and the applications (04-02)
   Cheng Huang, Haojian Yan, Feipeng Zhang  
   Controls of the Sounding Points in Space-based GPS/LEO Meteorology  (04-03)
   Yanxiong Liu and Yongqi Chen  
   Error analysis in the estimation of Precipitable Water Vapor using ground-based GPS data (04-04)
   Yonghong Zhou, Dawei Zheng, Nanhua Yu and Xinhao Liao  
   Earth Rotation and Activities of Atmosphere and Ocean   (04-05)
   Jinsong Ping  
   To Estimate The Regional Ionospheric TEC Model From GEONET  Observation  (04-06)
   Xunjie Zhang, Zhen Zeng and Xiong Hu  
   Assimilation of Ionospheric Occulted Data by Artificial Neural Network  (04-07)


May 17  Thursday Afternoon (14:00-18:00)  


 Session 5 Gravity Top
   Conveners: H. T. Hsu and Ch. Reigber (14:00-16:00)


 H. T. Hsu and Yong Wang  
   Preliminary Results of the Absolute Gravity and Surrounding  Gravity Observation in China for APSG (05-01)


 Ch. Reigber, P. Schwintzer, and H. Luhrr  
   The CHAMP geopotential mission and first preliminary results (05-02)


 M. K. Cheng, M. Fang, B. H. Hager and B. D. Tapley  
   Secular Variations in the Earth's Gravity Field and Its Geoscience  Application (05-03)


 Ming Fang, Weijia Kuang, B. F. Chao and B. H. Hager  
   Mantle Tidal Shielding (05-04)


 Y. Z. Shen and H. T. Hsu  
   The Regularization Methods of Recovering the Geopotential Model of from  Satellite to SatelliteTracking Data (05-05)


 Y. Wang and H. T. Hsu  
   High Resolution Bathymetry of China Seas and their Surrounding (05-06)


 Session 6
SAR, InSAR and forthcoming techniques for Geodynamics
   Conveners: H. D. Guo and M. Baltuck (16:20-18:00)


 M. Baltuck  
   Recent developments in NASA SAR Interferometry  (06-01)


 Chao Wang, Hong Zhang and Zhi Liu  
   SatelliteInterferometric Observations of Displacement Associated with Urban Subsidence in Suzhou, China (06-02)


 G. X. Liu, X. L. Ding, Y. Q. Chen, Z. L. Li, Z. W. Li and S.B. Yu  
   The Pre- and Co-Seismic Ground Displacements of the 1999 Chi-Chi  Earthquake from ERS-SAR Interferometry (06-03)


 Hong Zhang, Chao Wang and Zhi Liui  
   Surface Displacement of the 10 January 1998 Zhangbei-Shangyi Earthquake   Observed by DifferentialSAR Interferometry (06-04)
  Post Session