2000 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting Program
  Held at Tokyo, Japan, June 27-30, 2000 

G52A : The Asia-Pacific Space Geodynamics Program ( APSG ) Scientific
Results I

     1. Ye Shuhua    New Events of the Asia-Pacific Space Geodynamics Program
     2. Ren, J   Quaternary Faulting of Jiali Fault, Southeast Tibet
     3. Zhu, W    Crustal Motion in China Monitored by GPS
     4. Simons, W J  Tectonic Deformation Near the Triple Junction in S. E. Asia: Latest Results and Outlook
     5. Dawson, J   A Geodetic Reference Frame for Asia Pacific Geodynamics 
     6. Huang, C  Status of GPS Occulation Meteorology Studies in SHAO
     7. Ding, X  Sea Level Change in Hong Kong in the Past Half Century 
     8. Hsu, H  Observation of Gravity Change in China and its Contribution to APSG Project
     9. Cheng, M Seasonal Displacement of the SLR Tracking Stations10
    10. Murakami, M 
    Crustal Deformation Monitoring Using L-band SAR